Conveniently located at 380 Lowell Street in Wakefield. Our staff includes Rick Corson, and Crystal Scoppe – we are here to help you!

Judy Corson

The “J. A.” in J. A. Corson Insurance! Judy founded the agency in 1974 when she broke out on her own after several years of working in the industry. Since then, she has grown the business out of the family office and into what it is today… a customer focused independent insurance agency that puts the needs of our customers at the forefront. Although technically retired, she remains active in all agency activities.

Rick Corson

Representing the second generation of the family business, Rick joined in 2011 and is committed to carrying on what Judy started. Maintaining the core values of a service-oriented insurance provider in a world where customer options are plentiful, Rick oversees the day to day and strategic initiatives within the agency making sure that we have the carriers that can support our customers’ needs.

Crystal Scoppe

Joining us in 2014, Crystal is the first line for customer interaction. With hands-on experience at different types of agencies, Crystal’s experience offers our customers a confident resource to respond to any and all customer service needs.